something else to care about

by to hell with you

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released March 18, 2015



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Track Name: im working overtime tonight
just three more hours to the end of the shift, just three more days to the end of the week
and i can feel it growing, my fear of monotony
i keep asking myself, is this how im supposed to be
i dont know who i am anymore, if this is worth it, im not sure anymore.
i can see it now, face first with dirt from the ground, asking where the last few years went.
with empty pockets and a handful of promises, forever never made it to the end.
Track Name: dale roberts
is there something i have missed?
is it better to play dead than to live with this weight on my back?
maybe its better to play dead, turn my ignorance into bliss
deaf ears, blind eyes
Track Name: im not my usual self today
the knife wounds, the love lost, i cant be held responsible
another day to waste away, i've seen this coming from miles
still no one and nothing to call my own
only you could have found romance in disaster
Track Name: plastic lungs
weigh in at the comfort of your door
find faith in the mess i've been, dust for fault in the bed i rest in
weight in from the concrete of your floor
blind-eyes to the walls im in, painted with the red, painted with the red im bleeding.
from all that i've been given to the wayside
from homes that i have lived in to the wayside

but did you know that i know everything
how you'd tie my feet, throw me out to sea, just to watch me breathe water into my lungs.
Track Name: old wounds
there you sit, kingdom come before your throne
i watched you raise your flood gates and keep count of severed heads
i take a few more minutes to black my lungs
keep me numb from the damage

old wounds have found their place again, a familiar feeling
i'll meet you at half-mast with my shield down, you are only as weak as i am

Always choking on the debris.
Track Name: im not the best at staying afloat
is this a natural progression? blurry-eyed and drowsy smiles
you can have my attention if that will please you for a while
is this a hunger for treason? burn the pedestal you've put yourself on
its only human regression and i'll be there when the credits roll on
i want my ashes sunk down to the ocean floor