abolition a​.​d. & the caulfield cult presents

by acphc

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released October 23, 2015

Tracks 1 & 2
Written by Abolition A.D.
Muhd Azri - Vocals, Bass
Muhd Fadzly - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Azhari - Guitar
Farhan Kadir - Drums
Recorded at TNT Studios, July 2015
Mixed by Ah Boy

Tracks 3 & 4
Written by The Caulfield Cult
Nicholas Wong - Vocals, Guitar
Brian Chiong - Bass, Backing Vocals
Andrew Koh - Drums (Track 3)



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Track Name: Abolition A.D. - Savagery
Twenty first century, age of mass produced weaponry.
The minds are constricted with the laws of false equality.
Masking their hypocrisy with strong scent of democracy.

Blind dogs took charge of the various constituencies.

Mass produce humanoids, programmed with morbid consciousness.
This world is just temporary.
Graves turned into labs, factories as habitats.
Artificial disasters; I'm just a test subject.

Weaponry, democracy, equality; contradictory.

Mass produce humanoids; slavery.
Track Name: Abolition A.D. - Life Hungry
Feed the younglings. Feed the elderly.
Don't feed me, don't nourish me.

8 to 5 day job, odd hours labour.
I grew weary. I grew crazy.
Chains around my feet; forever dragging.
Noose around my neck; suffocating.

Blood sweat and tears.

I grew weary. I grew crazy.

Feed the elderly. Feed the younglings.
Feed the bosses. Feed the kings.
Blood sweat and tears.

Chains around my feet, noose around my neck.
Day by day, losing my wits.
Anxious to have my hands around your neck.

Wasting my years.
Is this what I deserve?
Plague this foul city. It's draining me.

Life hungry.
Track Name: The Caulfield Cult - Marwood
I've returned back down to earth after trying to catch those stars for years.
The clouds are hollow, my hands still empty, the sky never wanted me.

I thought I would not ever die, I thought I won't ever grow old but now I'm trying to make it home again, I'm trying to make it home.

I know I'll always hate this place and everywhere else I have been.
I'm starting to think it's not the space around me but the person that I am.
I know I'll always hate myself more than I hate everyone else.
I know my failure wasn't anyone's fault, I can only blame myself.
Track Name: The Caulfield Cult - Withnail
Well, it's time go but my road is forked and I've got rocks tied to my feet.
Well, it's time to go but I'm sure you're fine here, not moving along with me.

It's easier to weigh my conscience with my pain, I'll wait for you to find me.
It's easier to wait still and quiet in the rain, I'll wait for you to get me.

Well, we finally know that we're not the same just as we are with everyone else.
The wheels are in motion but i realised the brakes are cut.